Vocational education in Oulu

The Oulu College of Services offers vocational education in Cleaning and Property Services and Restaurant and Catering Services.

The Oulu College of Services is owned by eight Martha Organizations in Oulu region (Marttayhdistysten liitto). The Martha Organization is a Finnish home economics organization, founded in 1899 to promote well-being and quality of life in the home. It carries out cultural and civic education and does advocacy work in Finland.

Sustainable development is a part of our strategy. We have carried out long-term sustainable development work determinedly since 2006. It is a part of our every day life, operational culture, teaching and management. The Oulu College of Services was awarded the Sustainable Development Certificate in 2007 and in 2010. The Certificate was reawarded in 2022. More about the certificates, click the logo below:

We offer:

Vocational qualifications

Further vocational qualifications

Specialist vocational qualifications

We also offer short training (Hygiene Proficiency Certificate, Holder of Dispencing License) and Apprenticeship Training.

All our education is provided in Finnish.

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Contact information

Sannamari Kallinen

Rehtori 044 737 2020

Tuula Jylänki

Apulaisrehtori 050 408 9052

Marja-Liisa Penttilä

Opettaja, englanti ja ruotsi 044 737 2015